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Meemo E-work Safety provides full management of labour protection processes in a web-based IT solution modelled on the requirements of the International Regulation.

Occupational health and safety workflow management

Streamlines health and safety workflows, from risk assessments to corrective and preventive actions, optimizing processes and minimizing human error.

  • Risk assessments
    Conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential hazards, assess their impact, and implement appropriate controls to minimize the risks.
  • Preventive action plans
    Manage corrective and preventive actions to address identified issues and prevent their recurrence, improving workplace safety.
  • Version control
    Ensures traceability of document versions and changes after any modifications are made.
Employee compliance monitoring

Track every employee's health and safety compliance level based on mandatory task completion status

Occupational health management

Helps to make medical assessments and track health-related information, enabling proactive care for employee wellbeing.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) management

Efficiently manage the use, maintenance, and replacement of personal protective equipment.

Health and safety e-training module
  • Induction training
    Familiarizes new employees with workplace safety policies, and essential protocols, enabling them to integrate safely into the organization and their new roles.
  • Work safety
    Deliver specialized safety training tailored to specific employee roles, informing about potential risks, corrective preventive actions, and relevant safety instructions.
  • Fire safety
    Deliver specialized fire safety training tailored to specific organization workplaces and prepare employees for fire-related emergencies.
Internal e-training (different content)

Allows organizations to create and deliver tailored training modules that focus on specific safety challenges or any other topics relevant to their organization.


Issue any kind of work orders for employees or managers based on specific occupational health and safety conditions.

Risk reporting with QR codes

Allows employees or visitors to quickly scan QR codes placed at work sites, enabling immediate reporting of potential hazards or safety concerns using their mobile devices

Safety audits (VFL)

Promote a safety culture in the workplace by setting facility visits and safety audit targets for safety specialists or senior management.


Maintain accurate records of employee training, certifications, and qualifications, for compliance and competency management.


Track and manage the maintenance schedules, inspections, and certifications of safety-critical equipment to prevent malfunctions and accidents.

Safety data sheets (SDS)

Easily upload and store (SDS) for all chemicals in your inventory. Ensure that essential safety information is readily available to employees who work with these chemicals.

Employee vaccination

Helps to monitor employee vaccination statuses and dates so that employees receive the appropriate vaccinations by their role.

API data synchronization

Provides integration with other software, enabling seamless data exchange and process automation.

Customizable system classifiers

Allow organizations to tailor the classification system to their specific needs, ensuring accurate data categorization.

System & Admin
  • Dashboard
    Gain a visual overview of key health and safety metrics, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Automated e-mail reports
    Schedule and receive automated e-mail reports that provide summaries on relevant health and safety metrics.
  • Document register
    Maintain a comprehensive register of all health and safety-related documents, simplifying document retrieval, version control, and regulatory audits.
  • Task management
    Assign, track, and manage health and safety tasks for health and safety managers.
  • Software interface languages
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