Seeing the difficulty of ensuring compliance in environmental work safety (EHS) requirements in our own businesses, we have created the first comprehensive cloud-based EHS software to digitalize work safety processes!

The target audience for this software is companies above 150 employees, who have their own work safety specialist. Because of many employees and their different positions, it is especially difficult to manage EHS processes in one, understandable and transparent way.

With our Meemo E-work safety, you can significantly reduce the time spent on EHS management by automating many repetitive tasks. Additionally, you will lessen human error because the software will notify you about the deadlines of the most important tasks. Moreover, with this software, you will be able to provide employees with remote work safety instructions and tests.

The system is cloud-based which means that it is accessible from any device from anywhere. It is safe and complies with GDPR regulation. It is possible to install the software to any company, no matter how many employees or which industry it represents. What is more, we can make synchronization with your existing Human Resource Management or other systems. Today Meemo E-work safety has been already used by more than 60 000 employees across different industries.

E work safety


Mobility. Access your documents 24/7 from everywhere.

Built for document editing, storing, and creation.

Automated creation of Mandatory Health Examinations (MHE) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) instruction sheets.

Personalized e-instructions and employee knowledge tests.

Transparent activity logs and calendar synchronization.

The software has two main cost positions - SUBSCRIPTION fee and SET-UP fee.

How is the set-up fee calculated? Each client has its own individual set-up fee. It is calculated by the number of employees, the industry the company operates in, and the number of existing environmental work safety documents. Additionally, the set-up fee includes tutorials and training on how to use the software.

How is the subscription fee calculated? The subscription fee is a constant monthly payment after the set-up is completed. The fee depends on the number of employees in the company, not on the number of actual monthly users. Additionally, the fee includes future updates and maintenance costs.

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